Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nutella and Sea Salt Fudge

Here is a story for anyone whose heart has hurt.

This 4th of July I saw these fireworks with somebody special.

I have mixed feelings about fireworks. They are so beautiful, so magnificent, so big and colorful and blinding...all these wonderful things that leave you mesmerized.

But then within seconds, they're gone.

Suddenly they're a memory.

I struggle; when they're being displayed all I can think of is capturing it all before they disappear. It becomes a stressful thing instead of a joyous experience.

This boy that took me to my first 4th of July fireworks show isn't part of my life anymore. Just like the fireworks, our relationship disappeared. Sucked into the sky. A big bang and then dying crackles and pops. 

There's something I need to learn though. Fireworks weren't meant to last. They were meant to create an amazing moment, and nothing more. Part of what makes them so special is their temporary existence; it's why you feel like you were treated to the most special show after it's over. It's great and then it ends. 

I can't lament after every firework that disappears. I can't force things that weren't meant to last to stay. But I can enjoy them while they last. I can adopt a childlike appreciation for everything and everyone around me and just be thankful that I got to see the fireworks in the first place. Then I can enjoy the moment, and when it's over, let it go.


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