Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red Velvet Cake Pops

Is it just me, or is the world taking a positive step forward in body image?
When I was 12, I went through two weeks of only 3 granola bars a day, trying to lose the weight I was gaining because of my (short-lived, pretty unsuccessful) growth spurt. I was powered by all of the pictures of boney models and stick-figure thighs of girls with big emo hair. Only after I almost fainted at school that I finally began to eat again, although still minimally.
I wonder if I hadn't starved myself if I would've grown taller.

But today, fitness is prominent. A healthy, toned, and happy body is what's beautiful and attractive. I love it!

Being attractive is one of the smallest benefits of being fit, although it is probably one of the most desired. 
Working out is key to a longer life! It boosts your immune system, keeps your muscles from deteriorating, and promotes healthy blood flow. It is never too late to start!
Working out also helps you keep up with your children, future children, or active friends. Why would anyone want to miss out because their body is not up for the fun and games? More memories can be made if you are fit and healthy.
Don't forget about the endorphins! Working out literally makes you feel happier, and besides from the happy chemicals flooding your body, you also feel better about yourself on a daily basis. You are more aware of your body and feel more control over it. Progress will only make you motivated to keep going!

...but what if you don't get immediate results?

I am such an immediate results fan, but sometimes its not always the case.
But here's the key: you have to just keep moving forward.
Don't let that one cookie you accidentally caved for make you think it's all over.
Don't let weight fluctuations convince you that what you're doing isn't working.
Don't ever think, "What's the use?" about yourself.
Through all of the changes and phases your body goes through when you're shaping up, just know that every single step is taking you closer to your dream body!
Always dance! And always smile!


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